6:4 Records was founded by Chris & Mary Howell in the fall of 2018, but its origin goes back much further.


Chris and Mary got married in the context of playing in a band together and committed early on to make music a priority the rest of their lives. The arts are a central value of their family and essentially every major life choice they have ever made has taken this into consideration: when to get married, when to have children, where to go to school, where to work, where to live, how to spend their money, and how to spend their time.


The result is over 20 years of writing and producing music together, countless live performances, half a dozen albums of original material, dozens of appearances on other works, employment as a touring musician, music director & audio engineer, a professional recording studio, a now a record label.


The vision driving 6:4 records has three components:


  1. Be a label that is artist centered

  2. Be a label that upholds the highest standards for music

  3. Be a label that is financially viable to ensure 1 & 2


When we say artist centered, we mean that we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that our artists actually get developed, and not “mined,” much less exploited. That’s why way take our time and don’t rush production. That’s why we offer our artists a generous stake in the creative process. That’s why we are in it for the long haul. That’s why we are friends with, and fans of, our artists.


When we say that we have high standards for music, that’s pretty much what we mean because the standard is set by the artist, not someone else. We are more interested in developing our artists according to the fullness of their capacity than we are producing music that sounds ‘better than’ or like someone else. We find comparison with other artists too often be an unhealthy tendency, so we focus on harnessing the creative potential of our artists and producing music that we both agree is simply excellent. If they like it and we like it, and it’s good, true and beautiful, then the album or work is already a success.


When we say financially viable, we’re pretty sure you know what we mean. It’s okay to mix business with aesthetics. It can be done well without losing your soul, and we make every effort to be transparent about where the money goes so that our artists feel respected as well as supported. We don’t consider making a buck to be the driving force behind our business, but we’re also not afraid to ask people to put their money where their mouth is in supporting the arts.


If you would like to find out more about our label please reach out to us through the contact page.

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