Recording starts tomorrow

Updated: May 25, 2019

So in the fall of 2017, I approached Rachael about my idea regarding starting a label, and that specifically I would like to sign her as the first artist. This came after a number of years working with her, watching her grow as a singer and a songwriter, and fielding her questions about what it takes to record and “make it” as a musician. I’m pretty sure I was more helpful to her discussing the mechanics of making an album, because I have no idea really what it means to ”make it” as a musician; I’m still trying to figure that out. But I knew what she meant and I realized she had the bug, the disease as I call it.

So we talked for a few months, trying to figure out how I was going to go about starting the label. Also, she decided to have a baby, which is always a good idea, but it nonetheless moved the time line backwards somewhat. People are always more important than music, and I’m glad that her young children are going to grow up associating their mom with making music.

Rachael spent the better part of the next year refining her songs and writing new ones: sending me demos with children chirping in the background, meeting with me during production meetings that were interrupted by quick trips back to the house in order to perform her motherly duties with a newborn, and enduring periods of writers block and the inevitable self-doubt that comes from trying to do anything original and difficult.

But the time has now come. Tomorrow, over a year and a half after our initial conversation, we start recording her debut album: 10 songs that have been carefully crafted, pored over, refined, written, rewritten, argued over, but ultimately loved. I’m looking forward to this week very much and sharing with you all the ongoing progress of her music. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to record music and be part of the creative process and we look forward to sharing with you the fruits of a lot of labor.

Stay tuned.

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