Our Newest Artist: Jarod Grice

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

6:4 Records is pleased to announce that our newest artist is Jarod Grice from Denton, Texas. I have known Jarod for several years and have come to increasingly admire his musicianship, grasp of songwriting, and beard.

Jarod is originally from Oklahoma, and moved to Denton several years ago. He is a very well rounded musician, with a degree in music, a few self produced albums under his belt already, and several years experience as a music teacher, choir director and arranger.

All of this surfaces in his music, which can be most often characterized as a hybrid of folk and Americana with a wink at the blues, or at least the blues influenced singer songwriters of recent decades. Regardless of the genre, Jarod’s music is very self reflective and thoughtful; his lyrics ask questions about what are often very difficult subjects. They are honest and raw, but not without hope. There is an underlying optimism, or sense of expectation, in his music that keeps it from just becoming self indulgent, depressing folk rock.

Jarod will be releasing a series of singles for the label over the next year and I’m very excited to work with him in the studio. It will be all new material for the most part and incorporate a variety of styles. Watch for the first single to come out before the end of the year!

I'm not a morning person. Fortunately Jarod is.

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