Our First Artist - Rachael Winters

A couple of weeks ago we signed our first artist, Rachael Winters. I have known Rachael for about six years, and worked with her in a number of contexts: performing at church, weddings, and other special events. We also attended the same church and got to know each other by being in community together. Over the years I have grown to appreciate her talent, transparency, humility, and sense of humor.

She was a natural choice for our little label to pursue not only because of her talent and potential, but because she is basically just a lot of fun to work with. She's also motivated and very passionate about writing music, performing, and leading others in worship.

So on September 22, after nearly a year of talking, dreaming, planning, transitioning, and giving birth (Rachael, that is) we signed a contract and she became our first artist. We couldn't be more pleased.

The plan is to spend the rest of the fall in pre-production working on songs and crafting a vision for her debut. We will record her first full-length album early next year in time for a late spring/early summer release. The album will be produced by Chris Howell (yours truly) and I'm very much looking forward to it. Although we are anxious to get started, we're going to take our time because there are a lot of firsts involved.

It's Rachael's first album. It's her first time in a real studio. It's our first artist. It will be my first time producing for a label that I actually own. I want to do things correctly and make sure that we both agree on the vision for what we want to accomplish long before we start tracking instruments. I want to set a precedent with Rachael that future artists will benefit from: taking the time to really listen and communicate about her dreams for her music and how 6:4 Records is going to help her achieve that.

The label and the studio are a business. They have to turn a profit in order to survive. And we will pay very close attention to album sales, streams, publishing, etc. But the real win comes from producing music that stirs people, grips them, changes them; music that they mark periods of their life by. The real win comes from producing music that challenges Rachael to push the limits of her ability so that she grows as an artist: in skill, in confidence, and in the enjoyment of music. If we achieve this, then the album is a success. I'm truly honored to be part of this process and I look forward to making a lot more music with her.

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