Meet Drew Hall

Updated: May 27, 2019

The newest artist to sign with 6:4 records is Drew Hall. Drew is originally from Cisco Texas, but is about to relocate to San Marcos Texas, near Austin, later this summer.

The first time I heard Drew perform was at a show at Zera Coffee here in Denton. It was a concert put on by members of Denton Freedom House church, and they were recording it and had asked me to mix it as a live album. Drew led a couple of songs during this performance.

Not long after, he approached me about engineering his next EP of 4 songs entitled Love Deep, Suffer Well, which came out in 2017. I enjoyed working with him very much and was really impressed by his musicianship, vocal talent, and especially his creativity. It’s hard to place Drew’s music in one particular category because his interests are extremely diverse. There are elements of his style that are definitely pop or CCM oriented, but he also likes to explore other genres such as Jazz, Latin music, and one of his strengths, hip-hop.

As we continued to talk about his future in music I approached him about being on the label. At the time he was very interested, but was going through a lot of exciting personal life changes, such as getting married, settling down, and having children. We stayed in touch and early in 2019 we got together again to talk about what a partnership might look like. Music is always coming out of Drew’s brain, and he had already started working on another EP, this time a collection of 5 songs centered around the theme of family (not surprisingly!).

He was also wanting to do a collection of hip-hop oriented songs, some of which he has collaborated on with friends. The problem with Drew will not be having enough material, it will be winnowing it down and finding time to record, produce, and release all of it. This is a nice problem to have, and we are very excited about our partnership with him and the various musical journeys that we will take together.

The plan for the first year is to complete his 5 song EP and release it later this summer/early fall, with talks of a follow-up EP to it next year. It’s also possible that we will release some singles that are much more hip-hop oriented. Stay tuned, because there’s a lot of really exciting things happening not only with Drew, but also with the other artists on the label.

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