Live Stream from the Studio

So last week Rachael calls me up.

“Hey I’m doing a 12 days of Christmas thing to help promote my musician page and the single and everything.”

Me: “OK cool.”

Rachael: “So would you be willing to do a live stream of us singing Christmas carols from the studio? For one of the days?”

Me: “Sure no problem. When do we want to do it? I’m going out of town on the 23rd.”

Rachael: ”I’m thinking next week like Wednesday or Thursday.”

Me: ”Okay, but you realize that the 12 days of Christmas doesn’t start until Christmas Day right? It ends on January 6, which is Epiphany, sometimes called King’s Day. Sometimes it ends earlier, depending on what type of tradition you grew up with, if at all.”

Rachael: “…”

Rachael: “Okay, well I’m just trying to promote the single and thought it would be fun.”

This gives you a little bit of a window into the inner workings of my mind, as well as the nature of my relationship with Rachael. She’s a trooper who is always up for having a good time, sees the big picture, and puts up with my neurotic overthinking just about every aspect of the creative process.

The fact is, doing the live stream concert with her and Jarod was a lot of fun. They’re both excellent musicians and picked up rather quickly on the roles and parts they should perform on each song with virtually no rehearsal. This performance wasn’t meant to be a polished concert and it was perhaps more fun because of that. Rather, it was just meant to be the context for a cyber sing-along celebrating the holiday season with some of our favorite tunes, as well as serve as a small "thank you" to everyone who has supported the label and listened to Rachael's first single.

There’s a time for agonizing over details in the mix, and there’s a time for just kicking back and having fun and letting the music speak for itself, simply enjoying the privilege of be able to play and sing. I'm much better at one more than the other, as I'm sure you can guess.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to a lot more music to be made, both polished and spontaneous, with both of these artists in 2019.

Until then Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from 6:4 Records.

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