First single by Jarod Grice announced

Updated: May 25, 2019

As we mentioned when we signed him last fall, Jarod will be releasing several singles with 6:4 Records throughout 2019. It was announced yesterday that the first song will be released and available exclusively through the label website on March 19. Later that week it will be available on your favorite download or streaming platform.

The first song is entitled Signal, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. We started tracking the song last November and got most of it finished before the holidays. After a much needed vacation Chris headed back into the studio in January and started mixing the song. The song has a lot of musical layers to it and a long but definitely dramatic emotional arc and climax. We spent a while making sure all of the various parts worked together in order to produce a very intentional musical experience.

The way the song is mixed is directly informed by its lyrical and emotional content. It starts out very simple, somewhat distant and isolated, as the lyrics describe an internal conversation and suggest the tension that will be developed over the course of the song. As the conversation becomes more outward focused, the song opens up gradually until everything is finally ‘revealed’ at the climax.

We are very excited for you to hear it and we will be posting some clips from the music as well as the accompanying video very soon. Stay tuned!

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