Drew Hall


Drew Hall is married to Karlie and is the father of two boys, Barrett and Eagan. He and his family are now relocated to San Marcos, TX where they are planning to continue their family's journey.

Easy listening to let your soul ride with. Drew Hall carries a sound of renewal that takes root in the soil of the South. With the page turning lyrics of a folk artist and the rhythmic flavor of pop and jazz, his music is redemptive and inviting.

Originally from Cisco, TX, he has spent ten years making music in Denton and in the process has enjoyed rubbing shoulders with college kids at UNT, jamming with street musicians, and serving the downtrodden.


His pursuit of Jesus has grown his love for people of all walks of life, which led him to Denton Freedom House where he received instruction in music fundamentals. The result: a developing passion and creativity throughout his time in Denton that has produced several albums and live recordings.

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