Dina is the name of Mary's mom, who we lost to cancer 15 years ago.  To help our young children in their sorrow, Mary made them each a “sad” doll, and their connection was immediate.  Over time she kept making them, in the face of many losses.  Mary believes in the beauty of scars and finding comfort with others in their own grief and pain. Each tiny stitch is a prayer of love and blessing, of gratitude for a chance to sit in the dark mystery of grief and still find hope.  

Given Mary's background as a rock musician, it’s not surprising that most of the dolls have an ‘alternative’ look, in keeping with the aesthetic that just seems to come out whenever she creates something, be it a song or her visual art.  The fact is, Dina Dolls are for everyone of all ages and backgrounds, whether you see it as a means of comfort in the midst of grief, or you are just drawn to their individual quirkiness as a reflection of your own unique style.  Enjoy!